The guys did reject her, and that insensed her inferiorityand self esteem. What about its about time, the one who knew Kirsten? On the afternoon of the third day of the trial, Judge Edward Merill found Bernadette Protti guilty of second-degree murder. Now that you know, have fun looking around! Those girls had a clique. Bernadette, as described would have known that Kirsten would have thought it weird to be driving around with a butcher knife. Maybe things wouldve been different for her and she would still be here today. Even if Kirsten was stuck up and a Bully! You appear to be making up scenarios in your head about Bernadettes life and have difficulty differentiating fact from fiction. is it really about wealth, splendour etc? Thats teens for you, its tough being a teen, most of them are smart alecky at some time or another, but we outgrow it. I also noticed, in both movies, Bridget/Angela kept staring at Kelly/Stacy. B was a Psycho and always will be. Kirsten was also described as Cute, funny and full of Life, and Bern took that Life. It was only a matter of time before she d get caught so she came forth. Living in orinda back in the 80s&90s was no easy task if you indidnt wear the right clothes or drive the nice brand new car you wernt shit . (Lucky you). She may of just wanted to scare Bernadette so she would leave her alone (Bernadette) Bernadette took things way to personal, and, it became Personal.. Joe Kosla hi. I am really stunned that she only spent 8 years in jail. Firstly, Bernadette failed to get in the coveted cheerleading team, and secondly, she did not make it to the yearbook staff. The Principal though highly of her. Bernadette said Kirsten wanted to smoke pot first, a claim that drew cries of disbelief from Kirstens parents and friends. Most cheerleader s are friendly, and yes at the same time, kind of stuck up, to a degree, they only run with certain groups, but they will say hello to you, and help you if you need it. Kirsten was exotic, and beautiful. Until something happens. She clearly wasnt happy with them and their old, unfashionable selves either, adding that they didnt give her, their 6th child, the attention she so desperately wanted. Nothing should move a person to kill another. After the attacks start again, Ellie must find the killer before they get to her. (Kirsten sure didnt), Saying bullies need to get what they deserve. Goofs If Stacy Lockwood's funeral was Catholic, it would be unlikely the priest would wear a green stole and the casket covered in purple. She made it sound like this was a drug-related murder, and it wasnt, says Berit Costas. Player, 2004. We are no longer in the 80 s and never will be again. It weirded Kirsten out. All Rights Reserved. I want popular, but had friends who were, I didnt sulk about it, I did sports, not clubs or cheerleading. One was transferred there because of problems with boys. People like you expect the world to owe you something. Note: features authentic historical information, and is not intended to represent current best practices on any topic, particularly with regard to health and safety, but also in terms of outdated cultural depictions and social values. She just got irritated cause Bernadette lied to her and lured her out under false Circumstances, Id be annoyed and Angry to. Once the police investigation began, she started contemplating suicide. It couldve been anyone, but kristen was the last one to get into the bobbies so she stood out. 'White Lines' Celebrates Rave Culture but Is It Based on a True Story? Bernadette concocted a plan to get Kirsten out of her house and it appears that Kirsten got annoyed when she discovered that Bernadette lied to get her out of her house alone. You are full of it. 'Death of a Cheerleader' follows the story of two girls in Hollybrook High, in the fictional town of Colina, California. I hardly knew this girl. Kirsten ran from the car and Bernadette pursued her. I believe that the real number was held by the cops. Joy, why dont you stick to writing under one name instead of creating different aliases? I can see Kirsten not wanting to be bothered with her. The ones no one else liked theres a reason usually. Others suffer more cause they experience the loss. But Kirsten didnt deserve to die, some of those girls changed and are more sensitive. As for the girls who got blamed, so sorry if your lives were miserable at the time, but remember Bernadette was scared herself and did t know what to do, she didnt aim for all that to come down. No right to murder. So could LP, I hear she dont get around much to to many places anymore, shes not in California. There is no way Bernadette is better than Kirsten. I agree with Miss Kiwi, I believe Bernadette was dangerously obsessed with Kirsten. She apparently moved again and left the medical field, probably because her real name and location was outed by amateur internet detectives. Three months later, residents of Orinda packed a local courtroom for her trial. Kirsten probaly spotted she wasnt all there and was going to out her on it. But those others today are still a lot of fun. Those movies arent for real! I hear one girl partied a lot that hung with them. Knowing you though youll never have the character or the balls to do this and that was the reason you arent in whatever popular grip you killed to try to get into. Bern want the poor girl Deployed in the movie. The news flew through the town. She asked Hilley if he had ever considered that a sixteen-year-old girl might be more afraid of publicity than of going to prison. Maria Aquinar: What you should know about Sebastian Bach's ex-wife. One day after Kirstens family had left, she was picked up by someone in a Pinto. I must further observe that we have a kind of "Alice in Wonderland" situation here. Its unknown what happened to Peter Costas (Kirstens younger brother). I never imagined she would literally kill Kirsten, cause Bernadette was so quiet and her demeanor said nothing about her being a killer at all. How many teen girls dont get Smart Aleck, its a normal part of a teens life. Her attacker was Bernadette Protti; both girls were 15 . Im sorry.. that HS was a tough place especially for girls. She was more Bubbly and down to Earth. I dont know why you are saying nice things about Kristen she was very mean and she said stuff that offended people she stop acting like she was innocent. Bernadettes parents were devout Christians (Catholics). Later, she would throw her T-shirt and sweatpants in the garbage dump of the Sleepy Hollow Swim Club. She loved School. Read the article. Whats worse is how the media played into all of this and have portrayed Kirsten as a girl who deserved this kind of horrific attack, nobody deserves to be tricked, stalked and stabbed in cold blood at 15 out any age. I hear Kirsten was Beautiful inside and out. Kelly and Bridget are modeled after Kirsten and Bernadette. Another DJ initials it was said she was bullied relentlessly as well. They were friends from what I seen, they traveled in the same group and walked together with them. I remember the day every girl attended school when the killer had been caught but we had no name; if they had to fly back, leave the hospital, watever, no girl wanted to be accused for even 24 hours even if they would be exonerated the next day or week. The tale is wonderfully woven, with twists and turns. I think a lot of people feel bad, says one junior, referring to the rumors implicating Heather. Can you give examples of Kirsten degrading others and thinking she is better than everyone? However, this endeavor was met with several failures. The only incident Bernadette recounted was a remark Kirsten made about her skis. Some thought Bernadette was Stuck up, there were a few that thought she was to. Nobody was all that nice to each other because that was the culture parents included even more so than the kids. There were girls she didnt like, either she liked you or she didnt, no in between. It took investigators some time to conclude the case, which is quite baffling when looking back at the circumstances leading to the murder. Do you really think its acceptable to lure someone out of their house under false pretences and then expect a positive reaction if your lie is discovered? Orinda folks and former Students who knew Kirsten are not into Morbid fascinations. still no right to murder anyone. Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Dont let that Sweet Melancholy fool anyone, she was not that unless you were in the group. Kirstens friends dont sit and discuss Morbid depressing stuff to start with. In another one of your comments your wrote Well said Sarah. In the end, the wannabe cheerleader was found guilty of second degree murder, with the judge rejecting the idea that the murder was premeditated. Plenty of facts support that view. Her parents were hard-working and respectable people, but Bernadette felt that they were too old and did not listen to her. Since then, Bernadette Protti has seemingly vanished without a trace. PS: If you liked this article, please share it! According to the outlet, she was motivated by greed, envy, and the desire to become more like Costas. A lot of murder cases they get s light sentence or aquitted, but they also get harassed by the public and media so they dont get off all the way, the media torments them. That wasnt right, but when you run loose people think youre asking for it. Bernadette was and most likely still is a highly disturbed individual. They might not win but they can make a case for smearing the name of their daughter if indeed she was not a bully. Kristen was a bitch (sorry, fact), who would roll her eyes at randoms and point and laugh at people. That pain of being relentlessly bullied stays with you your whole life and your self worth is damaged. If you were a no body she didnt roll with you. Self Absorbed yes. The paint was peeling off, and it put a lot of pressure on her sensitive self-esteem as she never imagined living in such a place. To conclude, it is obvious that Death of a Cheerleader is based on a true event that shocked the small American town. Its sad, thats the biggest problem in this world? No one have to take the greatest gift God gives,LIFE. Mats Kirsten probaly didnt like you, dont mean she was that way to everybody. very sad. We have got you covered when it comes to the true story behind Death of a Cheerleader. Do I think it was premeditated. See production, box office & company info, A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story. I was raised to treat others with respect. Like I said, Kirsten was so much fun. Just because the Costas had millions of dollars and Are socialites Of the upper class community Does not give their family the right to treat others like dirt. You are still getting that she was a bully from the movie where they changed everyones name because they werent doing a real version. It had nothing to do with Bullying wasnt even about that, it was about forging a friendship. Both girls attended Miramonte High School in Orinda, California. According to The Los Angeles Times, Protti was sentenced to a juvenile prison for 7 years. I do believe she had some she didnt like, (but who didnt)! Bernadette watched as they left and followed them, parking outside Kirsten's home. Kirsten from what I heard was arrogant and self absorbed, but no bully, just a typical teen girl who didnt deserve to die even if she was a bully. If every teen girl was to be murdered due to bullying and being Stuck up, and also Loose with boys then we wouldnt have any teen,girls at all. Normal teenagers they like I said, were crazy so to speak, and meant no harm towards Nancy and them, just harmless teasing, they were crazy like that. Even if you werent rich, if you were smart and acted sensible you were accepted. She had taken Kirsten out in her car, where the latter felt that Bernadette had gone weird. This poor girl never got to grow up and experience life all because some horrible, disturbed girl murdered her. I seen a few of them out and about. Bernadette had no reason to murder, shes just a cold blooded killer. For what? Kirsten was one to always have fun, Was Orinda elite, yes, but they had a lot of wonderful people there to, and they helped one another. Was Kirsten a smart aleck , dont know but tell me a teen girl who isnt! How was Bernadette a fragile human being? Nancy was Sweet, she just took things the wrong way. I hear she isnt a nurse any longer and just stays home mostly. And only 7 years in jail with parrole?! On December 11, nearly every girl attending Miramonte, even those with the flu, showed up.