Electric scooters are machines, and they, like other vehicles need servicing and maintenance to ensure they run smoothly for a long time. By regulating power to the wheels based on the spin, the scooter is able to establish traction and . The Unagi has clear and obvious plusses - sleek design, very compact, very light. Mostly priced at or around $1,500, the electric scooters that make up these categories are more performance-oriented than those in the budget commuter category, i.e., $500 to about $1,000.. As you move into the mid-range commuter category, you expect more dual motors, better suspension systems, and larger batteries, with . It's possible to switch to single motor mode on the E500, but when I did, I immediately missed the additional power and enabled both motors again. Depending on the paint job you choose, the Unagi Model One literally glistens and gleams, and with almost all the cabling hidden, the digital display integrated into the handlebars, and other thoughtful design decisions, everything about this e-scooter says premium. I know this is off topic but how long is the lease , can you cancel at anytime ? I am doing the Unagi monthly lease program with the dual motor version. You probably won't find any other electric scooter that matches the Unagi Model One's design. CUBED Naturals Most likely, a connector is loose. As cool as it may look, it may completely destroy your Unagi due to misuse and can be a dangerous risk to your safety. If not, got a link? I also frequently check this sub. Still returned it. This engineering breakthrough makes it dramatically easier to fold and carry than every other scooter on the market. But most importantly marketing material isnt just lies, in fact theres pretty struct laws about it, not that Im saying Unagi broke a law or anything. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Our kickstand is a perfect example of our ruthless obsession with detail. Now for the riding.. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Press J to jump to the feed. There's also a 30-day returns policy on purchases as long as you go with one of the standard colorways rather than any of the custom or premium patterned ones. It took them a month to send me a new scooter. Please. Our 19 cm (7.5) wheels are made of solid rubber and puncture proof, so theyll never foil your morning commute. (we also have larger capacity batteries in now but your number of range is much lower than it should be). Unagi's Model One E350 electric scooter helps to reduce your personal carbon footprint Single 350 watt electric motor in rear wheel Allows you to quickly and easily reach speeds up to 15.5 mph Weight capacity of 220 lbs. Why Magnesium? The controls are easy to get used to because I am a digital freak but the instructions don't say how to enable/disable duel moter mode. You can also read the documentation to learn about Wordfence's blocking tools, or visit wordfence.com to learn more about Wordfence. The difference is, these are much more fun! The whole thing feels thoroughly thought out and the controls become second nature after a couple of rides. On the left, there's a matching, brake paddle that also makes the tail-light flash, and for additional stopping power you can push down on the rear-fender with your foot (though this doesn't trigger the brake light). Please. Our 7.5 wheels are made of solid rubber and puncture proof, so theyll never foil your morning commute. The Unagi electric scooter is the worlds first luxury electric scooter for adults. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. You won't want to share your Unagi with anyone.1003140500 4.7 star rating860 Reviews 4.7out of 5based on 860user ratings Regular price I whole heartedly recommend the switch just as much as I recommend the Unagi scooter, both are groundbreaking in their respective ways. Use a 15 mm socket wrench to remove 15mm bolt from the tire of the scooter on both sides of the front wheel. Unagi Model One E500 tech specs Motors: Dual 250W continuous motors (each motor peaks at 500W) Battery: 28.8V 9Ah (260Wh) Top speed: 17 mph (27 km/h) Range: 15.5 miles (25 km) Weight: 26.5 lb (12. Click to . Looking forward to your review. They also seem to try to prevent returns of dangerous products with defects by requiring original packaging. 427 93K views 4 years ago 2 Minute Tuesday: I am going to show you a quick way to check to see if your wheel bearings are bad, or loose. Use a driver to remove the 4mm hex wheel bolt, ensuring you retain the spring washer and flat washer in the correct order. Flat tires? Amazon.com: Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Kick Scooter- 250W Motor, 12.4 Miles Range & 12.4 MPH, 8" Inner-Support Hollow Tires, Dual Brakes & Front Suspension, W. Capacity 220lbs, Commuting E Scooter Adults . Its a fun vehicle, just remember it can go fast and take some steps to protect yourself.Protective GearAlways wear a helmet! Unagi makes the Model One in two variants. Unagi leverages TORAY carbon fiber from Japan to strike an unprecedented balance of lightweight and heavy-duty strength. You have a 30 day period to return the scooter for any reason, even if it has been ridden. Free Shipping in U.S. POS confirmed! The stem is carbon fibre. Always, always perform a pre-flight check. Ensure your helmet fits properly. As a result, the stand is sturdy and simple and practically invisible when youre riding. I'm 320 and ride with a 15-20 backpack on the Unagi (the latest version) here in NY without issue. Attached picture shows front wheel misalignment. A revolution is on the way - and Electric Scooters are leading it! For the record, I also own a Nanrobot D4+ that I use for my really-long-haul rides (20-30 miles and on local highways) but that thing is 85 lbs and is a beast! Electric Scooters are ridden standing up and have 2 inline wheels for maximum speed, size and portability. The only plastic at all is the bottom cover and the LCD panel. But they lack that certain something the Unagi has. I agree with you, but its strange because walking as a mode of transportation is possibly the dumbest thing ever. These ingeniously act as a front and rear suspension system, providing the right amount of shock absorption that lets you still feel responsive balance and road feel. Comparisons to Apple products, luxury cars, or Swiss watches come to mind: Unagi's e-scooters are beautiful objects that are equally functional. When buying anything, expect marketing material to be lies. The ideal scooter for commuters It marries style with performance and includes dual motors. The collar needs to be tight enough that the steering moves freely without any wobble. I have to say, without air tires nor any suspension/shock absorber, Unagi should not be purchased for City Riders. Filling out a request form online. Press J to jump to the feed. Electric Scooters are ridden standing up and have 2 inline wheels for maximum speed, size and portability. At 699, the Unagi Model One is at the upper end of what you might expect to pay for an electric scooter with its range of features. Gonna need a picture of OP so we can see what youre idea of style is , Oooo nagggg eeeee has arrived! Join us at Micromobility Industries 2022 event in the SF Bay Area from Sept 15-16! Unagi is powered by high quality electric batteries that we continually strive to improve. Little bumpy in the streets and a non-starter on cobblestones, but on smoother streets, or even on sidewalks (that aren't crowded!) Will update once I receive it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.ebay.com/itm/Swan-QMY-Dual-motor-Carbon-Fiber-Electric-Scooter-1st-in-Pre-production-/192791636419. When you need replacement eZip E-500 scooter parts, you can find your 24 volt 10 Ah eZip E-500 battery pack and battery charger right . Unagi founder and CEO David Hyman said the idea was to help. I had 3 people ask me how much it cost. I really hope it's ok to ride like this because there were no warning about wet weather but also there was nothing saying it was waterproof either. The Model One weighs 26.5 pounds which isn't the lightest in its class, but the head tube folds flat via a single switch at its base, and then locks into place, making carrying the scooter a cinch. Sep. 23, 2021. We've been rated the best all around electric scooter. With a beautiful design and loads of. You have two choices: The E350 contains a robust 350 watt motor driving the rear wheel, and is ideal for riders whose typical ride is flat urban terrain. The Unagi electric scooter is the world's first luxury electric scooter for adults. Privacy Policy. Once you've pushed off, press down the thumb-operated throttle paddle on the right-hand side of the handlebar and the motors kick in almost instantly. The lack of range combined with the rough ride quality would turn many people off, and I can't say I'm surprised. I've personally felt my scooter was well built and sturdy but maybe my experience isn't universal. All high-end materials. Headlight does not come on. Unagi provides an exterior befitting a luxury vehicle with three separate coats including a laminate and a high-abrasion resistant paint to handle the wear and tear of the road. Function/price and style are not competing factors, even if this company decided that was a tradeoff they would make. Generated by Wordfence at Sat, 4 Mar 2023 5:48:15 GMT.Your computer's time: document.write(new Date().toUTCString());. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Add a comment . $89.99. I have to say, I am really disappointed in what some people called Tesla of ElectricScooters.When you ride this, and you go over any sort of bump, it feels like you are going to fly off. curious as a recent unagi customer. For extra safety, you can lock your scooter. . If you do end up getting a new scooter, you'll still have the same problems of rated vs real range and checking the screws and nuts before taking it for a ride. This has produced the signature look of brands like Porsche. I can say first-hand they are much more interested in making customers happy than making a buck. I have had most generations since 2015 and it's still my favorite one (I am a multi scooter guy, I have several ones for different purposes, from a very light 7kg one to a dual motor Boosted rev, but the one I use most is the etwow. Our motors are completely custom-built utilizing rare-earth neodymium magnets and a monitoring system to prevent overheating. Integrated in the top bar are the intuitive controls of the dashboardthrottle, brake, horn, and LED headlight. If you're disinclined to lay down $1k upfront, or you want the peace of mind of having someone else worry about insurance, maintenance, and the other annoyances that come with owning things, Unagi will let you rent a Model One. Its 33% lighter than aluminum, which partially explains why the Unagi is the most portable scooter on the market. I'd love more granular information on the status of the battery than the four bars the display offers, but I never felt worried about miscalculating and even if I did, the Model One is compact enough to put in even the smallest Uber or Lyft or take on the subway. They said they couldnt do it because money back was only good for 1 month. Not hearing good things about the Unagi, unfortunately. It's still a mostly unregulated market. Enables safe riding What's Included E350 scooter, charger, and manual Specifications Key Specs Product Weight 26 pounds What to Look Out for While Riding your Unagi. We then went home, loosed the stem with an allen key, realigned everything, and tightened. I was also interested in this scooter but some user comments (facebook, youtube) about the very rough ride quality turned me off. I liked my Unagi. ** Under optimum riding conditions. Not protected from long-term exposure, e.g. I almost crashed into a car. E250: 250 Watts. Deliveries are guaranteed to arrive within 24 hours, Unagi CEO. Noob or booster. I'm only 5' 9", but even I have to bend a little any taller and I think I'd find the handlebars too low for comfort. The only negative so far is the stand, it really feels like it doesn't match the rest of the scooters quality as it's small and plastic. I'm a guy who wears a suit to work and there is lots of city traversing to and from the train station. Will need to wait another 8 weeks unfortunately Heres a soft review and comparison of the Unagi scooter: https://youtu.be/zEs_CtZpS5s. L - 96cm (37.80 in) x W - 42cm (16.54 in) x H - 110mm (43.31 in), L - 96cm (37.80 in) x W - 42cm (16.54 in) x H - 38cm (14.96 in), L - 45cm (17.72 in) x W - 19cm (7.48 in) x H - 108cm (42.52 in), Temperature abnormality / short circuit /. Beneath the silicon-topped deck sits the 9,000mAh lithium-ion battery. I am gonna return it, just wanted to share my experience with others. The Unagi electric scooter is the worlds first luxury electric scooter for adults. What you need. Given that the OP is already complaining about his Unagi not giving him the range that he's expecting, I don't think any of the etwow scooters would be better. 2008 MC-13-150 - Trek 6i Bicycle Speedo - 4,500 miles. Added to cart Your cart is currently empty. The design of the new scooter is almost identical to the old one, and comes in a few new colors: "Deep Cobalt, Cool Mist, Matte Black and Latte" (all images courtesy of Unagi). However I am surprised to hear about the wheel coming off especially only after two weeks of usage. The materials are better than the average scooter and provide a higher level of build confidence and the Momas scooter my cousin bought a few years ago. For additional protection, you might consider safety gear such as knee and elbow pads.Wear high visibility clothing. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Swan-QMY-Dual-motor-Carbon-Fiber-Electric-Scooter-1st-in-Pre-production-/192791636419. Unlike a bicycle, going over a curb with your scooter can cause a nosedive with excessive strain on the handlebar and front wheel assembly, meaning a totaled scooter and possible risk of serious injury. The Unagi Scooter is an expensive commuter scooter and costs about $1000 for the 500 watt model. Add a comment . Ideal for flat terrain, typical urban city landscape. Unagi Model One Electric Scooter The Unagi electric scooter is the world's first luxury electric scooter for adults. I agree 100%. Im not even a champion of them but after having done some research on different scooters, I found it curious that the electric scooter guide site thats basically the backbone of this sub is pretty positive about unagis scooters overall while the commenters on the sub constantly shit on them. Its been painstakingly optimized for performance, efficiency, responsiveness and longevity. A sleek dual motor beauty with flowing lines that expose the ludditery of the rental kind. Actual range will vary with rider weight, terrain, and riding style. Typical electric scooters have wheels about a third the size of bicycles and cannot endure the same riding .
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