The UFC Gym community is also home to some of the most passionate and knowledgeable members who are always there to help and support one another. You can do this by calling the gym, giving the notice in person, or . If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can cancel your membership by mailing the cancellation request to the fitness club where you signed up. When you join UFC Gym, youll become part of a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Typically, the virtual plan allows you to enjoy live classes and other exercise videos. What Time Does Gold Gym Close ? Duos can pay $150 to $550 worth initiation fee and monthly fees. The UFC Gym champion membership is the highest plan available at most clubs. Crunch Fitness PricesEOS Fitness PricesOrangetheory Prices. World Gym membership costs $59.95 per month with a $50 enrollment fee. Luckily, these fees are one-time payments and the same for all membership packages. These figures are not concrete, as some members have had success getting the initiation fee waived. How much does a personal trainer cost at UFC Gym? Join Now. Train Different. It will allow you access to the gym for five days. If you want to take classes like boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or group fitness, you can sign up for the monthly subscription, which costs $69 a month plus an initial fee of $99. Already a member? For the UFC Gym fitness membership, your monthly fee is usually $89. The best part is that you will get access to all the equipment and amenities. Watch out if your local UFC gym offers promotions that allow new members to sign up for a discounted membership price. Members also have exclusive access to events and member-only offers. More About Ryan Jons. There is an initial cost in the amount of $99.00 to join this program. If youre looking for an affordable way to get in shape, the UFC Gym might be just what you need. Below are the average and the most common. But, they are also equipped with weights and machines, just like regular bodybuilding gyms. Youll also get to join special classes focusing on conditioning and technique. link to Push Press vs Overhead Press (Which Is Better? Youll also get a special device called a MyZone monitor for free, which helps you track your workouts and get better at exercising. If you want to join UFC Gym, you might have to pay an initiation fee. If youre looking for a longer commitment, the three month plan could be your best option. Classes for those who want hardcore training are available like wrestling, grappling, sparring, Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and more. If you are not sure about joining UFC Gym, you can compare the cost of this chain with other fitness clubs. Regular UFG gym weekday hours are open 24 hours all the week until 10 p.m. on Friday night. UFC GYM Torrance Torrance, CA amenities include: Start your journey with the club thats right for you and your goals. While it may seem like an expensive gym, it is a good deal for those who are just learning and would be paying to pay for classes. Another mentionable expense you can expect at UFC is the membership cancelation fee. 2022 Contact us:, Write a letter requesting a membership cancellation and include relevant information like your account number, contact details, date, and signature, Send the cancellation request using certified mail for additional security. Content: Copyright 2023 Zuffa, LLC, its suppliers or licensors. But personal trainer pricing depends greatly on the club location and other factors. Can I Go to Any UFC Gym with My Membership? UFC Gym also offers a Youth plan for young fitness enthusiasts. Instead, individual clubs offer discounts on their own. A UFC Gym membership costs $39.99 for a monthly plan or $99 for a three month plan. With great membership rates and a range of benefits, its the perfect place to put yourself to the test and reach your fitness goals. As a result, I decided to create a blog that tells people about the various clubs and their memberships, pricing, etc. You can find memberships from $900 for two years, to $950 for three years, depending on the country and state. The facility spans 1,600 square metres over three floors of a large villa in Mohammed bin Zayed City. The Active&Fit Program (Employer-Sponsored) The Active&Fit DirectTM Program (Individual Membership, Not Employer-Sponsored) 7 Benefits Of Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement: What Does It Do? First of all, when you register for a UFC Gym membership, you need to pay an enrolment fee along with a processing fee. If you choose to continue your membership the monthly fee for an individual is 80 with up to $200 in initiation fees. Remember that short-term memberships may have different terms and conditions than long-term ones. UFC Gym Champion Membership costs $50 to sign up, $149 for the first and last months, and $424.37 due today. UFC Gym Champion Membership costs $50 to sign up, $149 for the first and last months, and $424.37 due today. Unlock your potential and elevate your performance in a highly-energized and supportive environment. UFC Gyms offer special deals for military members to show respect for their service. Hiring a personal trainer at UFC Gym costs between $65 and $100 per hour. Generally, almost every plan at UFC Gym has the same initiation fee. Joining a UFC Gym is a great way to stay fit and feel great. You can use these classes and work out on your own. Membership suspending policies may vary from club to club. Getting started is easy. The UFC gym membership cost is divvied up in a few different areas that you can't find at home, or even at another gym. You can use the gym for ten days without any charges. The monthly cost of the UFC Gym virtual membership is $14.95. Its best to check with your local gym or visit their website to read their membership cancellation policy and associated costs. This gym chain advertises itself as a place offering the training programs and benefits of MMA athletes to everybody. To join, you must pay an enrollment fee of $25, a processing fee of $49 and a monthly fee of $39. Below are the average and the most common UFC Gym membership cost used around. The gym also offers Limited, Fitness, Ultimate, and Champion packages at different prices. Being a franchise model, UFC Gym's have a different cost depending on the location. To become a member, visit your local UFC Gym or check their website for more information on costs and upcoming discounts. Gym of Interest*. Given below are the usual monthly fees for different types of memberships at UFC Gym. Answer: Yes, some UFC Gyms offer a free trial. Each gym has high-quality equipment and classes that make learning fun. Each gym has the state-of-the-art weight training and cardio equipment to help people with the workout. Because the UFC gym can be treated as a normal gym, with a $49/month membership cost, or a membership with all sorts of classes in the MMA realm. Youll get to join the UFC Gym community and enjoy the same benefits as other members. differ with locations. UFC Gym prices are similar to the prevailing rates of fitness centers and health clubs. Philip is also an author and has written several books on MMA and UFC. However, with their Limited, Fitness, or even the Ultimate membership, you can usually visit only your home club. For UFC Gym McAllen Guest Pass, Click the link below and fill out your basic details like First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, State/Province and Zip Code. That means, if you plan on bringing your kid to the gym, then the UFC Gym ultimate may be the plan for you. Beat the boredom with access to numerous fitness classes, specialty equipment, weight and cardio rooms, and more. Make sure you meet the qualifications for each club by carefully reading the details. So, its best to check with your gym or on their website to find out for sure!. The highest membership option at UFC Gym is the champion membership. It opens businesses that are close to this industry. If you tag a friend, then, both of you will have to split the $399.99 initiation fee, which is equivalent to twice of the single registration. Build a rock solid core, back and shoulders as you burn hundreds of calories.*. The cheapest package is the Virtual plan that provides you access to live classes and on-demand videos. Maximize your potential with our elite coaches at UFC GYM. But as the name suggests, your membership perks will be limited to some facilities. Of course, the exact figure varies from one fitness center to another. You should note that all these prices are exclusive of the initiation fee. They offer three different membership options: Gray, Blue, and black. You can do this by visiting their website or calling the gym directly to inquire. They have plans for everyone- for those looking for a not-so-costly membership at a premium gym, for those who are into martial art MMA training, and even for those who travel a lot. With all these benefits, the cost of the membership is well worth the investment. Not every location offers all four tiers, and the prices will range between locations. Each gym has the state-of-the-art weight training and cardio equipment to help people with the workout. All rights reserved. Meanwhile, you can choose the Fitness package to use equipment and enjoy amenities. So, if any case you are interested in joining them, you can just drop by to the nearest UFC center and ask how much the, are similar to the prevailing rates of fitness centers and health clubs. So, contact them and learn about such additional prices. This plan can suit you if you are looking for an affordable gym membership at a comfortable workout environment. This fee is applicable to all kinds of plans. Thereafter, the monthly fee for the UFC Gym champion membership will be $129, which is perhaps the highest pricing for any plan there. You can do this by visiting your membership branch or sending a mail to UFC Gym.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'loveatfirstfit_com-box-4','ezslot_1',127,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-loveatfirstfit_com-box-4-0'); Members who signed up online can also use this form to submit a cancellation request. The reason for this wide range is that there are a variety of types of memberships you can sign up for. With this membership, you can go to the gym anytime you want and even go to special gyms that are open for longer hours. It is important so that people can match their timings with their daily schedule. Most of the special deals and discounts on UFC Gym memberships come in the form of coupons and vouchers.
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